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  • Ajoutée 25 mai 2022
  • The “Andor” series will explore a new perspective from the Star Wars galaxy, focusing on Cassian Andor’s journey to discover the difference he can make. The series brings forward the tale of the burgeoning rebellion against the Empire and how people and planets became involved. It’s an era filled with danger, deception and intrigue where Cassian will embark on the path that is destined to turn him into a rebel hero.
    Diego Luna returns as Cassian Andor and is joined by cast members Genevieve O’Reilly, Stellan Skarsgård, Adria Arjona, Denise Gough and Kyle Soller. The executive producers are Kathleen Kennedy, Sanne Wohlenberg, Diego Luna and Michelle Rejwan. Tony Gilroy is the creator and showrunner.
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Commentaires • 11 583

  • CDeep Music
    CDeep Music Il y a 15 heures +1221

    Finally a Star Wars action series that are not set in the desert

    • Fazal Ahmed
      Fazal Ahmed Il y a 10 heures

      @waqar khan So that does mean it's not a copy? How can one just flick some elements from some source, without giving any credits?
      Lucas kept declining the similarities for a long time and only years later he acknowledged it as an 'inspiration'. Frank Herbert was about to sue him, don't know why didn't.
      Lucas did not just copy from Dune alone, but from Valerian as well.

    • waqar khan
      waqar khan Il y a 11 heures

      @Fazal Ahmed dune was written in the late 70s but the star wars made into a movie

    • Simon Johansson
      Simon Johansson Il y a 12 heures

      What, you don't like sand or something????

    • therealfritzilla
      therealfritzilla Il y a 12 heures +1

      Oh goodness, exactly! I have been annoyed by the obsession of desert planets in SW for a while!!!

  • Мистер Огонёчек
    Мистер Огонёчек Il y a 14 heures +287

    Anyone who has watched Narcos Mexico knows that Diego Luna can definitely carry a show all by himself.

    • waqar khan
      waqar khan Il y a 11 heures

      Deigo Luna is also produced along with Katherine Kenndy for this TV series

    • Adam Marr
      Adam Marr Il y a 11 heures +1

      No one can carry a show all by themselves and nor should they. He's great in Narcos but if u think an actor is an entire show then you're sorely mistaken.

    • Mans Aray
      Mans Aray Il y a 11 heures +3

      @Yaminabototal Miguel Ángel Félix Gallardo El Jefe de Jefes

    • Yaminabototal
      Yaminabototal Il y a 12 heures

      whos that guy, i mean, literally

  • Willow Rosen
    Willow Rosen Il y a 18 heures +208

    That transition from him being a child soldier fighting the Republic as part of the CIS to him as part of the Alliance fighting the Empire was so good. I am hoping this expands on going from fighting one war to fighting a new one is such a short time.

  • David Emanuel Rosini
    David Emanuel Rosini Il y a 14 heures +53

    I'm excited about the politics and world-building in this series, we don't see that very often in Star Wars

    • S
      S Il y a 10 heures

      people hated the prequels because of all the politics

    • surrealIdeal
      surrealIdeal Il y a 10 heures

      "Turmoil has engulfed the Galactic Republic. The taxation of trade routes to outlying star system is in dispute."

    • Ti ga
      Ti ga Il y a 11 heures

      yeah was thinking exactly the same

    • E C
      E C Il y a 11 heures

      Haven't watched the prequal trilogy then???

  • The Lore Master
    The Lore Master Il y a jour +24639

    Trailer looks like its for a movie, also love that we finally get to see a glimpse of the Imperial Senate for the first time.

    • MagiclllMushroom
      MagiclllMushroom Il y a 10 heures

      Or phase 2 clone armor transition to stormtrooper armor

    • Daniel Willetts
      Daniel Willetts Il y a 10 heures

      Theres only one Senate. And he didn't grace this trailer with his presence.

    • Four
      Four Il y a 11 heures

      I'm also looking forward to seeing something from the Imperial Senate.

    • LuchtLeider Nederland
      LuchtLeider Nederland Il y a 11 heures

      @flensoest “looks like its for a movie” read better before trying to act smart, kid.

    • Game&Dad
      Game&Dad Il y a 12 heures

      @Anthony Gordon they did up till episode IV Grand Moff Tarkin : The Imperial Senate will no longer be of any concern to us. I've just received word that the Emperor has dissolved the council permanently. The last remnants of the Old Republic have been swept away.

  • Elliot Chinnery Hinks
    Elliot Chinnery Hinks Il y a 18 heures +143

    Diego Luna totally deserved a spin off he was epic at bringing Andor to life he made the character his own and I fell in love with him as a hero what I liked so much about his portrayal he didn't fall into the trap of trying to be like solo he made Andor his own unique version.
    Rogue one was incredible and Casian Andor was part of that reason.
    I always struggle with new things even star wars but it's easier for me when I feel a connection to the character so Looking forward to this 💪

    • Thomas Name
      Thomas Name Il y a 13 heures +1

      Rogue One was the best Star Wars has ever been.
      I didn't even know this series was coming, but I hope it can live up to the legacy.

      BOBBY_PILGRIM Il y a 13 heures +1

      expertly said. clearly a true fan of immersion

    • L irv pana
      L irv pana Il y a 15 heures +3

      Andor was such a cool character. reminded me of a renegade commander Shephard. a complete the mission at all costs guy. this looks cool

  • EpicPlayz
    EpicPlayz Il y a 18 heures +19

    This looks a lot closer to everything I loved about Rogue One. Shifting away from the Jedi/Sith spiritualism and focusing on the actual mechanism of the rebellion. I think they found a way to make this project very interesting💖💖💖

  • Julia Red
    Julia Red Il y a 12 heures +252

    I hand zero expectations for this and this looks like it could actually be the best Star Wars series yet (including Obi-wan). This looks genuinely incredible and the kind of adult Star Wars series I've always wanted to see!

    • Tora
      Tora Il y a 10 heures

      Agreed, really good trailer and visually is stunning, sometimes I feel like the recent shows can feel cheap for lack of a better word but this all looks really great. I went from not expecting anything from Andor to being really excited for it. Maybe I just have low expectations tho lmao

    • Thomas Lacornette
      Thomas Lacornette Il y a 11 heures

      One of scenarist of Rogue One work on this serie so might be good also they work on it since a very long time, was one of the first show launched after Mandalorian season 1. I had good feeling about this show since i saw making off vid and Trailer is Awesome, isn't it?

    • Dana Diaz
      Dana Diaz Il y a 11 heures

      Agree - exactly what i thought

    • Tony Axis
      Tony Axis Il y a 12 heures


    • Diss Raps
      Diss Raps Il y a 12 heures +1

      "Best star wars series yet (including this other star wars series)
      What a bizarrely pointless comment. "I sure like eating eating all food (including cookies!!!!)"

  • IAmALemon
    IAmALemon Il y a 18 heures +48

    When Andor was first announced, I didn’t care too much, but the way they look to be playing it out, life under the empire, less Jedi tricks and a darker and grittier show. I look forward to it.

    • Prince Edmund, Duke of Edinburgh
      Prince Edmund, Duke of Edinburgh Il y a 10 heures

      @ARandomInternetUser Games yeah.

    • 666Eddie123321
      666Eddie123321 Il y a 10 heures

      yes exactly! really excited about the more politics side of things and so on

    • Wushiba O .. O
      Wushiba O .. O Il y a 11 heures

      @Prince Edmund, Duke of Edinburgh I wouldn't want to be a Star Wars fan in a world where Rogue One is the best Star Wars movie.

    • Deadpoppin
      Deadpoppin Il y a 11 heures

      @Prince Edmund, Duke of Edinburgh Rouge one was meh

  • Scott Manley
    Scott Manley Il y a jour +5884

    The audio in this trailer is so good. Really looking forward to more Star Wars stories outside of the Skywalker's family drama.

    • Thomas Name
      Thomas Name Il y a 13 heures

      Looking forward to more Star Wars stories that aren't about bountyhunters myself.

    • mono lith
      mono lith Il y a 14 heures

      Woah! It's "Hi, it's Scott Manley here" here

    • Payador Perseguido
      Payador Perseguido Il y a 14 heures

      Fly safe!

    • 2506wesley
      2506wesley Il y a 14 heures

      @ApolloX44 you seem to be forgetting Clone Wars and Bad Batch in that statement

    • ravenclawtom
      ravenclawtom Il y a 14 heures

      fly safe

  • tactfulanimal
    tactfulanimal Il y a 18 heures +7

    Okay this looks really good. I had no expectations, and didn't get excited for any of the other shows previously despite their attempts at fan service, but this looks very good. I agree Rogue One was good, but had more issues with it than most viewers. However, This does look really well executed. More of the bare bones Empire that I'd love to see.

  • Trung Dung Dang
    Trung Dung Dang Il y a 11 heures +3

    I got goosebumps after listening to this trailer. This show is sure to be very good and interesting. I can't wait for the show to come out. Hope the show will not disappoint viewers

  • Anabelle Luvena
    Anabelle Luvena Il y a 17 heures +5

    This has gotten me HYPED! I love the grittier, war-torn, science fiction side of Star Wars and Andor seems to tick all the boxes. Can't wait for it to come soon!

  • ganapatikamesh
    ganapatikamesh Il y a 17 heures +4

    This looks great! This is by far one of my most anticipated Star Wars content. I loved the characters in Rogue One and when I heard there was going to be a series with Cassian I was excited! This trailer definitely keeps me excited for this series!!!!

  • Samuel Kim Music
    Samuel Kim Music Il y a jour +2830

    The Percussion, Rhythm, and Mongolian Throat singing in this trailer is so creative and epic!!!

    • Nolan Jawnski
      Nolan Jawnski Il y a 11 heures

      I want more Mongolian Throat, and I know I shouldn't.

    • DaMowner
      DaMowner Il y a 12 heures

      Reminds me of dune

    • halofornoobs93
      halofornoobs93 Il y a 16 heures

      Epic cover/mashup when?

    • Joe JOE
      Joe JOE Il y a 17 heures

      Reminds me of Dune. Hahaha

    • Lost_OZ
      Lost_OZ Il y a 17 heures

      Will you make a more epic version?

  • Bruhsbruh 21
    Bruhsbruh 21 Il y a 15 heures +3

    Great trailer and it seems like a great show. Similar to rogue one it seems like it will give a glimpse on how the rest of the galaxy is affected by the empires rule rather than just the main skywalker crew. I loved cassian and I’m super excited for this show

  • Mohith honey
    Mohith honey Il y a 16 heures +3

    This has the potential to be another Mandolorian/Moonknight
    About a very obscure/new character
    As disconnected from the main franchise as possible
    A story that entices us
    A cinematography that blows our mind
    Backstories that makes us cry our hearts out for the characters

  • Jerbear107
    Jerbear107 Il y a 11 heures +1

    That looks like some of the best star wars world building ive seen in a trailer that has nothing to do with jedi and im absolutely all for it. Looks almost movie quality too, unreal

  • A_waff1es_0pinion
    A_waff1es_0pinion Il y a 15 heures +1

    This was an absolutely great teaser and now I’m actually excited for the show, I wasn’t too intrigued but now I am

  • Joshua Cazoe
    Joshua Cazoe Il y a 17 heures +8

    This gives a real espionage, spy thriller feel…the learning and execution of tactics, to subvert the efforts of tyranny..and/or start a rebellion.

  • ramsey
    ramsey Il y a 16 heures +5

    I've longed for the day where Star Wars content would start to branch out more, and build the cinematic universe with things that don't have to do with the Skywalker family. Mandolorian was the first sign, and with Andor, I think it'll be fully in effect.

    • Luke H
      Luke H Il y a 12 heures

      Same. Its the main reason why I hate post-ROTJ Legends. Nothing but Skywalker and friends.

  • Connor Lipke
    Connor Lipke Il y a 12 heures +1

    I'm not that huge of a star wars fan, but somehow this trailer still gave me chills. The use of the dude hitting the drum, and matching that up with the sound/music for the entire trailer is eerie as hell. Love that.

  • Sylvanus
    Sylvanus Il y a 17 heures +1

    When I first saw the trailer I thought it was going to be a film even though I knew it was a series but it had a cinematic feel and I’m excited to see how this story will play out.

  • Trippi J
    Trippi J Il y a 23 heures +1036

    I’m really impressed by the visuals and the art direction they are taking with the environments! I was very unsure about this as a series but now I’m very excited!

    • William Krause
      William Krause Il y a 21 heure +5

      @Wodensol Just admit you're anti exclamation point, #cancelled.

    • Wodensol
      Wodensol Il y a 21 heure

      Just admit you're a paid shill LOL

    • Rob Hurley
      Rob Hurley Il y a 22 heures +1

      So many vistas

    • DIEGhostfish
      DIEGhostfish Il y a 22 heures +1

      Unmodified AKs.

  • Demon ASMR
    Demon ASMR Il y a 16 heures +2

    Wow what an amazing trailer, I can't wait to experience all this! I'm so glad they never stop with producing more epic Star Wars content!!!

  • TheGrimmRetails
    TheGrimmRetails Il y a 12 heures

    I love how they're really expanding the universe and widening the scope of the Star Wars universe.

  • Breakfastbean
    Breakfastbean Il y a 15 heures +6

    This show is looking good, but I wish Disney would also open up to exploring earlier periods in the Star Wars universe. Maybe the beginning of the Jedi and Sith, or much earlier wars? There’s just so much possibilities.

    • Grammartizer
      Grammartizer Il y a 13 heures

      Star Wars acolyte should have been during old republic with Malgus as the main protagonist

  • General Kenobi
    General Kenobi Il y a 13 heures +1

    I love how this trailer uses music. It's blended with the sound effects created by the characters in the trailer.

  • Jon Pumper
    Jon Pumper Il y a jour +1117

    So much Star Wars hype this week!!!

    • Nikolai
      Nikolai Il y a jour +1

      @Lewis Mckenzie the ending is the only part that’s bad if you’re a diehard Star Wars fan but for normal people it’s gonna be great

    • Pratham Verma
      Pratham Verma Il y a jour

      @Lewis Mckenzie what's in the leaks?

    • bckelly23
      bckelly23 Il y a jour +1

      Not really...

    • A B
      A B Il y a jour +1

      Star Wars cinema & streaming content is stuck. It's never going to let me escape the Skywalker era.

    • RAX
      RAX Il y a jour +1

      @Lewis Mckenzie Im still hyped regardless.

  • Beanie Guitar Guy
    Beanie Guitar Guy Il y a 13 heures +1

    1:12 I absolutely love that we keep getting new blasters. I know it’s small in the grand scheme of things, but having more diverse weaponry in Star Wars just feels so cool. Like, yeah, of course there are tons of blaster manufacturers and different designs!
    I’ll admit, that AK wasn’t “Star Warsed” enough to look like a proper blaster. But I’m still glad the universe is expanding.

  • Jacob Falcon
    Jacob Falcon Il y a 18 heures +1

    I love these series that are pre empire fall because I get excited of the prospect of the novels being connected to the movies and characters showing up from books to live action

  • Trump WON the 2020 “Election”!!!

    This show will definitely be a sleeper hit that will take people by surprise with how great it is!

  • Windghost2
    Windghost2 Il y a 15 heures +1

    After SIX YEARS, I can FINALLY WATCH THIS SHOW! Y'all kept me waiting long enough for Andor and I am here for it!

  • Julius Kim
    Julius Kim Il y a 19 heures +978

    I can't get over how giant everything looks. A true depiction of Star Wars universe.

    • Lucas
      Lucas Il y a 10 heures

      @Bruce Yeah that’s the only thing I don’t like, they’re getting very lazy with the clothes

    • Lee Jones
      Lee Jones Il y a 13 heures

      @Henrik Borgenhäll Watch the sizzle reel 👍

    • MrCoolSmoovie
      MrCoolSmoovie Il y a 14 heures

      Besides the AKs which are are for some reason

    • Kmieca
      Kmieca Il y a 14 heures +2

      @Henrik Borgenhäll They cost too much

  • SaiyanHeretic
    SaiyanHeretic Il y a 17 heures +2

    Don't really care about Andor as a character, but I'm happy to finally be getting a Star Wars project that isn't about Jedi, Sith, Mandalorians, Clones, etc. It's a big Galaxy and we're long overdue to see these other corners of it.

  • Marauder Shields
    Marauder Shields Il y a 10 heures

    Not gonna lie, when this was announced, I was like “cool, another starwars spinoff that nobody asked for or wanted”. But watching the trailer, this actually looks pretty good. The visuals, locations, big names; I’m keen.

  • Rich H
    Rich H Il y a 18 heures

    Beautiful imagery and aesthetics captured. So proud to see something new that genuinely feels like it captures the socio-political aspects of the original and prequel trilogies.

  • Ezekiel Alimpia
    Ezekiel Alimpia Il y a 15 heures +1

    Looks promising, the empire's buildings look so interesting including Mon Mothma in the senates and meetings. Andor could be awesome.

  • Russdeezy
    Russdeezy Il y a jour +477

    I'm extremely excited for this - love the thrilling atmosphere and political intrigue that isn't as common in other Star Wars titles. Looking forward to the origins of the Rebel Alliance!

    • Abiel Alvarenga
      Abiel Alvarenga Il y a jour

      The political intrigue can be really entertaining but it’s also tricky territory given today’s partisanship. I hope they know how to walk the tightrope

    • Tiyauch
      Tiyauch Il y a jour

      I'd love to be Hotstean.Cam snowquen's is my idol,Hes the person I aspire to be, hes my light of day..j

  • triggerddd
    triggerddd Il y a 14 heures +3

    Just realized they have clones instead of storm troopers this will actually be interesting to watch with soldiers that can actually hit their shots.

  • Caleb Garello
    Caleb Garello Il y a 16 heures +1

    honestly love the serious and gritty tone of this teaser. really encapsulates how Rogue One felt

  • Pasillo Del terror y misterio
    Pasillo Del terror y misterio Il y a 15 heures +3

    This trailer is epic! Diego Luna backs to Star Wars and Andor is a COOL hero and warrior

    RONALD RAY ENSALADA Il y a 15 heures +2

    This completely changed my view of Andor! Now I'm more hyped for this than the other shows.

  • Janobot
    Janobot Il y a jour +1319

    I've been looking forward to this

  • Gonk Droid
    Gonk Droid Il y a 17 heures +2

    Love that we're getting so many character perspectives!

  • JohnsGames
    JohnsGames Il y a 17 heures

    I just LOVE seeing the war from this point of view. Makes it so real and emotional

  • Cheyenne_G99
    Cheyenne_G99 Il y a 14 heures

    Well, I'm not sure what I was expecting but this still looks cool. It's great that Cassian is coming back for a short time. Definitely my favorite from Rogue One.

  • Jessica Christiana
    Jessica Christiana Il y a 13 heures

    I really liked Cassian Andor in Rogue One, I'm glad we're getting more of Diego Luna in the Star Wars universe!!!

  • Vader's Fortress
    Vader's Fortress Il y a jour +168

    I think this is going to be the dark horse of the Star Wars TV shows

    • Arctic Wolf 0406
      Arctic Wolf 0406 Il y a 19 heures

      @Weegee_DarthNo Well hes not wrong exactly. What does Obi-wan have going for it actually? We get to see Vader again? We get to see Ewan McGregor again? We get to see Obi-wan on Tatooine protecting Luke from Inquisitors that have terrible reputations as we can see....
      Andor on the other hand is a largely unexplored story surrounding a character that is morally grey, makes questionable choices and is living during a bloody time for someone of his disposition. Andor has a much more interesting story to develop in comparison to Obi-wan.

    • Hanakin Sidewalker
      Hanakin Sidewalker Il y a jour +1

      @Weegee_DarthNo All signs point to the desecration of the oldest canon by having Vader and Obi-Wan fight each other before a New Hope. I’m also sick of Tatooine.

    • Weegee_DarthNo
      Weegee_DarthNo Il y a jour

      @Hanakin Sidewalker People are gonna crucify for that...but I kind of agree with you.

    • Pingu
      Pingu Il y a jour +4

      bro it's been one trailer chill

    • Juan Manuel Fuentes Salonia
      Juan Manuel Fuentes Salonia Il y a jour

      It really has that feeling

  • Jasper James - Karo
    Jasper James - Karo Il y a 18 heures +1

    The cinematography is what Book of Boba should've had. It really looks like a film

  • Theophanes Ketrenos
    Theophanes Ketrenos Il y a 15 heures +2

    Finally, a live action show that’s not in the backwater desert

  • Miami Jim
    Miami Jim Il y a 18 heures +2

    Hell yes, life under the Empire.. this show is going to be fantastic... proper adult consequence Star Wars.

  • CHITUS💙⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻

    THe score on this trailer is perfect. Kudos to whoever did it! Also, this looks like it's going to be a great series!

  • fyrTV
    fyrTV Il y a jour +2448

    Incredible trailer! THIS is how you hype up an audience. Beautifully shot, emotional, dark, gritty, fresh yet familiar, cheers to the film crew!

    • Special Order_937
      Special Order_937 Il y a 14 heures

      I know exactly what it means amd it doesn’t apply here
      A gritty film would be Bladerunner or Alien , Star Wars fees lived in not beaten up and outback together

    • ChickenJockey21
      ChickenJockey21 Il y a 19 heures

      @Special Order_937 "Dark and gritty" isn't referring to the word "dark" in the sense of the shots having literal low levels of light, but darkness more in a tonal sense.

    • Roses are red, but Zerglings still are purple
      Roses are red, but Zerglings still are purple Il y a 21 heure +1

      @Special Order_937 The guys thinking this is "dark and gritty" need to see an optometrist ASAP.

    • Aliquid Gaming
      Aliquid Gaming Il y a 22 heures

      Not sure this is an Easter egg or anything but the throat singing in this trailer reminds me of the same singing in a way used for SW Eclipse trailer. Could just be nothing but would be pretty cool if SW started bringing in their game characters into the universe like they did for animation. Cal is modeled after the man who plays him so that's a no Brainer. Just a small thing but most likely is just a coincidence

  • Pheenom28
    Pheenom28 Il y a 11 heures

    A sleek, detailed, immersive and epic movie feel to this trailer. Most impressive 😉.
    A very big if, at present... but being a prelude to the great Rogue One, and that time setting, huge scope with potentially all manner of characters popping up including Emperor /Vader etc, if they nail this right, it could potentially be the best show yet..

  • xnx
    xnx Il y a 17 heures +1

    I didn't ask for this series, but it looks like it's done in the same style as Rogue One. Looks like it has a unique story to tell. I'm... interested.

  • badkenbad
    badkenbad Il y a 15 heures +2

    This looks way more Star Warsy than most of the recent Star Wars content. Huzzah!

  • Derek Night
    Derek Night Il y a 14 heures

    The galaxy continues to grow bigger and bigger
    And I’m loving it!

  • Evolutia
    Evolutia Il y a jour +1651

    This is potentially exactly what I want from star wars. A character we know (almost) nothing about, and to glimpse their own planet's culture and story.

    • Benito Gonzalez Jr.
      Benito Gonzalez Jr. Il y a 23 heures +1

      @Yellow Flash Of the Leaf You are perfectly fine Mr. Leaf. If you could have three guesses what would your guesses be?

    • Yellow Flash Of the Leaf
      Yellow Flash Of the Leaf Il y a 23 heures +1

      @Benito Gonzalez Jr. Diego Luna. Sorry, I don’t know his nationality. Please don’t shame me.

    • Benito Gonzalez Jr.
      Benito Gonzalez Jr. Il y a 23 heures

      @Yellow Flash Of the Leaf I knew that Mr. Leaf, but the reason for asking him that was to then ask him a follow up question. Which I will now ask you. I would truly love and appreciate your honest responses.
      Mr. Leaf, without searching for the answer, do you know what is the name of the actor who plays Cassian Andor, and MOREIMPORTANTLY, what his nationality is? Again, without looking it up. Thank you.

    • PryorTravis
      PryorTravis Il y a jour

      @mordecool Boba Fett. It sounds like it's about to happen in Obi-Wan. Pretty much everything Disney/Marvel has done since Avengers with the exception of Spider Man

    • mordecool
      mordecool Il y a jour

      @PryorTravis when has that ever happened in a disney star wars project besides tfa

  • Violet_SKRS
    Violet_SKRS Il y a 15 heures

    ever since the recent Dune movie, i absolutely love when that sound/music is used and the ambience/tone it provides a scene. that gutteral noise/vocal tone given.
    thia looks like it will be an amazing show. and is that corruscant i see? perhaps we'll get a proper view into the world lower levels. we've been teased with snippets of the undercity throughout the Clone Wars series, but a show about a spy might just allow us a a proper viewing/exploration.
    i feel that Star Wars is really hitting its second life stride in the space of high quality streaming series over the last couple years.

  • Lenny
    Lenny Il y a 13 heures

    I love the criminal underworld of the Star Wars universe, especially with the empire in power. We got to see a bit of it in Rogue One and The Mandolorian, but this show seems focussed on it which I'm looking forward to.

  • The Shadow Fellan
    The Shadow Fellan Il y a 15 heures

    The more that these shows get into the less seen conflicts between plain old imps and rebels rather than the big names like the Jedi/Sith and the bounty hunters, I really want a show for the Imperials. Kind of like what Andor is supposed to be doing, showing the day to day of the background everyday soldiers. Maybe either a show about stormtroopers like what ep7 started out being like, and kind of like the twilight company novel's stormtrooper chapters.

  • Mider-Span Man
    Mider-Span Man Il y a 16 heures +3

    Wish Chirrut Imwe and the Guardians of the Whills would get their own series. So much unexplored territory.

  • Roger
    Roger Il y a jour +1411

    I feel like we'll definitely be seeing a lot more of the inner workings of both the Rebellion and the Empire in this series, seeing both sides of the situation. And the fact that we'll be seeing Coruscant again in live action is amazing! It's been a little under 20 years since we've seen Coruscant in live action.

    • WizThrift - A TTRPG Thrift Shop
      WizThrift - A TTRPG Thrift Shop Il y a 19 heures +1

      We're tired of the empire and rebellion. We don't need more of them.

    • ShadowScythes
      ShadowScythes Il y a 19 heures

      @A C you forgot Solo

    • Roger
      Roger Il y a 20 heures

      @T Gosselin Though, it does sound like they're pulling some concepts/aspects from Rebels.
      It was the Rebels series that first introduced the arc of Mon Mothma's defection from the Imperial senate; and it seems like this show will begin that arc of the Empire suspecting Mon Mothma's treachery, based off of her scenes and dialogue in the trailer.

    • Theoret1cal
      Theoret1cal Il y a 21 heure +3

      @VTdemocracy The EU and Legends made the empire act in different type of authoritarian ways compared to how they were originally based around.

  • Keith Lund
    Keith Lund Il y a 15 heures

    Rogue One isn't one of my favorite Star Wars movies, but I am looking forward to seeing this series give Andor a backstory. This show looks like it could be good. This teaser trailer has given me some optimism.

  • Trump WON the 2020 “Election”!!!

    Star Wars is way too reliant on the Jedi/Sith & force powers so they need to make much more shows like this since Star Wars is so much more than just force users!

  • cam
    cam Il y a 13 heures

    this has a totally different vibe than most other live action star wars media. i'm really excited about this, it looks fresh and interesting.

  • Optimas Crime
    Optimas Crime Il y a 17 heures +2

    I love how this looks like a spy thriller set in a si fi setting.....Honestly the only thing that makes it look star wars ish are the StormTroopers

  • ameliemydn
    ameliemydn Il y a jour +1870

    This trailer looks insane! Not just how its put together, but the crazy cast too, the teaser of the characters we get to see, and the overall feel of this show... So excited!

    • Derchlands
      Derchlands Il y a 23 heures +2

      @RileyKaiSeeker that's how the original star wars was like

    • HISHAM A.N
      HISHAM A.N Il y a 23 heures +1

      @RileyKaiSeeker Nah what? The scene with the Imperial officers drinking smtg along with the white dude there looks like a latino guy & behind them a black guy. So...?

    • HISHAM A.N
      HISHAM A.N Il y a 23 heures

      @Zograf This feels exactly like Rogue One & that was very much SW.

  • Roland Klocker
    Roland Klocker Il y a 14 heures

    This looks great!
    Finally something not set in the desert, this universe started to feel extremely small.

  • Eternity Was
    Eternity Was Il y a 17 heures

    I’m glad Star Wars is finally getting the platform and funding it needs to really tell the stories.
    Unfortunately we’ve decided Disney isn’t age appropriate for our children anymore, so we’ve cancelled it. The Star Wars franchise was one of the few that the adults watched, and the new series were done well.

  • Caroline
    Caroline Il y a 17 heures

    Oh this looks so good, I’m excited to see more of the rebellion side of the fight

  • Hugo Stiglitz
    Hugo Stiglitz Il y a 15 heures +2

    Wow. This looks even better than the mandolorian. I still really want a jyn urso show

  • Squire Simpson
    Squire Simpson Il y a jour +1527

    The series nobody asked for, yet manages to catch our attention on a great scale. The stakes that I feel in this trailer really have me beckoning for more.

    • Tom P
      Tom P Il y a 23 heures

      @Rafael C. C. Lukas sold out, now you get what they give you, over & over & over..thank you Disney

    • YodatheHobbit
      YodatheHobbit Il y a jour

      Yeah, I am so impressed with this when I didn't really know what we were getting beforehand. I remember some pics of some of the sets a couple years ago and I was like "looks okay".

    • Nathan Johnson
      Nathan Johnson Il y a jour

      @Rafael C. C. Rouge One isn't even that good. It only looks good because the low bar Disney has set so far for Star Wars. Dark Forces will always be canon in my eyes not the garbage Disney decided to come up with.

    • Shawn Carter
      Shawn Carter Il y a jour

      @The Silver Age fun for you, perhaps, but not very many people.

  • Itzel Wisteria
    Itzel Wisteria Il y a 14 heures

    Honestly this was the series I was the most excited for and with this teaser it prevails as such

  • David Emanuel Rosini
    David Emanuel Rosini Il y a 14 heures +10

    This is a perfect example of how you do a teaser trailer. You’re not getting a synopsis or plot of the the entire series, but it perfectly gives you a setting and a vibe. That’s a teaser!!!

    • Sonic on a Budget
      Sonic on a Budget Il y a 14 heures +2

      Nice stolen comment lol

    • Brett Miller
      Brett Miller Il y a 14 heures

      This is all I'll watch before it releases. It's perfect, and I'm sold.

  • HaguDeGozaru
    HaguDeGozaru Il y a 13 heures

    I love the contrast in environments, particularly the grimy, misty outdoors and the dry and spotless "clean room" indoors.

  • BoojumFed
    BoojumFed Il y a 12 heures

    As much potential as this looks to have, I can't stop hearing a friend of mine tell me how the only Star Wars prequel worth his time would be the one that showed how a little adopted girl rose to eminence in a galaxy-wide rebellion against space-facism through espionage and political intrigue before her twin brother stopped worrying about picking up power converters down at Toshi Station.

  • Kira1Lawliet
    Kira1Lawliet Il y a jour +1121

    This was an exquisite trailer, not just from a Star Wars perspective but just a marketing perspective. The choice of music, the shots, the pacing, the ability of the trailer to convey the mood and general theme of the story without giving away an ounce of the premise of plot-this is the archetype of what every cinematic trailer should be.

    • Jack Brian
      Jack Brian Il y a jour +1

      @Hassan Al Khalaf oh no just what it reminded me of. i ike it a lot. its good to see others liking this type of feel too, because even though it feels grand it is at the same time quite minimalistic and clean.

    • Hassan Al Khalaf
      Hassan Al Khalaf Il y a jour

      ​@Jack Brian is this considered a bad thing?

    • Nestor Martinez
      Nestor Martinez Il y a jour

      Didn't like the Elvis trailer either huh?

    • Brandon Clark
      Brandon Clark Il y a jour +1

      Exactly. I honestly HATE watching a trailer and it gives half of the stuff away from the last third of the movie/series. I just want some quick flashes of what we might see in it, not ALL of the good parts and surprises that leaves no reason to even watch it when it comes out. So many times I avoid watching trailers because they show too much but I hate not seeing them as well.

    • Fork's 40k Vlog
      Fork's 40k Vlog Il y a jour +1

      @A B Agreed! They need to try out new eras long distanced from Skywalker.

  • Brian Bedoya
    Brian Bedoya Il y a 18 heures +2

    This Looks amazing. Finally we get to see CORUSCANT under Imperial Rule and the Imperial Senate and Mon Mothma looks amazing 👏. Can't wait.

  • Xavier
    Xavier Il y a 15 heures +1

    These guy excudes such a positive energy that they tends to lift everyone spirits ❤️, ❤️

  • Xavier
    Xavier Il y a 15 heures +1

    These guy excudes such a positive energy that they tends to lift everyone spirits ❤️, ❤️

  • Svipul Valke
    Svipul Valke Il y a 16 heures +1

    Excuse me, this looks amazing. I think I'm more excited for this than Obi-Wan. Excellent delivery on this trailer, you've got me intrigued!

  • Clay M
    Clay M Il y a 19 heures +716

    Didn’t have much expectations at first for Andor but after this trailer I’m actually hyped for it. I love seeing the different points of views throughout the galaxy, including those of just average ordinary people. Also, about time we see coruscant during the reign of the empire. With it being such a staple planet during the prequels and clone wars, it just seemed odd we’ve never seen it since the fall of the republic.

    • Sara
      Sara Il y a 12 heures +3

      IKR i thought it was just me
      i definitely found it strange with coruscant having nearly no mention whatsoever after the prequels

    • Bence Bódi
      Bence Bódi Il y a 12 heures

      Also we'll see Bracca potentially.

  • Seth Leoric
    Seth Leoric Il y a 16 heures +1

    Very excited to see the less "moral" side of the Rebellion and more of the grit.

  • I’m Nobody’s business
    I’m Nobody’s business Il y a 12 heures

    I love the shows and Im speaking for everyone, but we need a movie. the euphoria of watching starwars in the big screen is bigger than us(literally)

  • Frank-B616
    Frank-B616 Il y a 18 heures +1

    Interesting to see clone troopers back in live action.

  • connorthepom
    connorthepom Il y a 14 heures

    Always love seeing the transition to the empire

  • Jimmy Bob
    Jimmy Bob Il y a jour +323

    I wasn’t all that excited for this show but seeing how beautiful it is and how it looks like we’re getting a much more cinematic and lore filled story I’m pretty excited!

    • Matheus Velozo
      Matheus Velozo Il y a jour +1

      @Rien Jen I'm all for the political/lore filled side of Star Wars man, PLUS, more Coruscant. Absolutely hyped for this.

    • Jimmy Bob
      Jimmy Bob Il y a jour +2

      @Rien Jen Yep, and I’ve heard it’s being made by the movie team, or at least part of it, which is probably why it looks so pretty. Idk I’m all for it lol

    • Rien Jen
      Rien Jen Il y a jour +7

      It's funny, because I've heard that a lot, like, "Who asked for an Andor show?" And I'm like, it's set at the start of the Rebellion, will probably have great cameos from Bail Organa, Mon Mothma, Vader, Palpatine, and I liked Andor in Rogue One. Plus, you see the "spy/intelligence" side of the Alliance. I'm all for that.

    HEX MACHINE Il y a 17 heures

    This really makes me wish we could get a empire themed show.

  • João Silva
    João Silva Il y a 12 heures +1

    Had low expectations for this but... this trailer has got me very interested!

  • Ernesto Hernandez
    Ernesto Hernandez Il y a 18 heures

    This already looks amazing ❤️ I’m ready for more Cassian and K2

  • OhNoNathaniel
    OhNoNathaniel Il y a 10 heures

    Really wish we had more aliens in these shows. Though I'm happy we're finally getting more locations that aren't sand related

  • NotFraud
    NotFraud Il y a 23 heures +1040

    Despite not being one of the biggest character with a show, this could easily be one of the best, hopefully it focuses on good story and dialogue more then hectic mayhem

    • ベン ジ
      ベン ジ Il y a 20 heures +1

      We just hope that SW fans could give this show a chance, cause like Rogue One, no one anticipated that it would be a hit and one of the greatest films in SW franchise since some people didn't expect that under Disney.

    • The22g
      The22g Il y a 20 heures

      According to KK, what makes a good story is diversity, so maybe they'll focus on diversity instead of actual story telling

    • Bear Brown
      Bear Brown Il y a 21 heure +2

      Totally agree - trailer looks great! Hopefully they have hit on good story and its telling and let the characters emerge from the story rather than force the characters.... Mon Mothma!!!

    • drksideofthewal
      drksideofthewal Il y a 21 heure +20

      The fact that it’s not about a “big character” is the reason why it will be good. Just look at The Mandolorian.

    • smn
      smn Il y a 21 heure +1

      @Kassaken and even rebels is like 5 bby.

  • Jom Sirimongkolkasem
    Jom Sirimongkolkasem Il y a 17 heures

    Wow, this is so epic and what a cast! Can't wait!

  • Maks Pipp
    Maks Pipp Il y a 15 heures

    I already love the show !! But i wasn't expecting it to come out so soon. If they really will drop it out on the 31st of August then that's even better. I'm so hyped for it but first gotta watch kenobi today after scholl!!!

  • Camembert Cheese
    Camembert Cheese Il y a 17 heures

    This looks like what I was hoping the sequels would be. Fresh and interesting

  • not my truth. THE truth.
    not my truth. THE truth. Il y a 12 heures

    finally a star wars show that actually looks interesting

  • Il y a jour +971

    Who would have ever thought that a glimpse of the senate on Coruscant could be so exciting?!

    • Rightpop
      Rightpop Il y a jour

      @Grizzledcroc Yeah but it will turn mid if Disney can’t think of anything new🤥

    • Jeremiah Rivers
      Jeremiah Rivers Il y a jour +1

      I’m ready for your analysis on this! In the meantime, the wait for Obi-Wan’s show is nearly over. I love you guys, and may the Force be with you.

    • CorellionCrusader Productions
      CorellionCrusader Productions Il y a jour

      @Larniie Playz Yeah, but Fett isn't a Clone Trooper, and his character is a lot different. This is like, not too much further than bad batch.

    • Eyeli
      Eyeli Il y a jour

      @King Jack 2000 Well, the sequel trilogy show that politics are kind of a must for a star wars movie, so you get the iceberg effect for lore. The prequel just went a little overboard.

    • Hectarea
      Hectarea Il y a jour


  • Austin Garrett
    Austin Garrett Il y a 11 heures

    I certainly wasn’t out here beating the table for more of Cassian Andor, but actually looks intriguing